Directv Customer Service | DirectTV Phone Number

Directv Customer Service – Hey Pals! users of direct TV application and direct TV subscribers, here is another time to contact directtv customer service if you are having issues with your direct tv decoder or subscription.

Directv Customer Service

DirecTV is an American direct broadcast satellite provider which is based in El Segundo, California in USA. DirecTV provides television and audio services to users via satellite transmissions. This service is available to users and their support line for customers is open 24/7.

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Direct TV Customer Service

Any issues on DirectTV from any customer is directed to agents who are in charge of treating customer issues. The call centers are contracted to provide agents to answer customer phone calls or mail including programming, billing, or technical question.

If you think you can’t talk on phone with the customer service, there is anther option to contact Directv Customer Service via Email on their customer support page.

DirecTv Customer Service Support

There are so many issues and supports that can be rendered by Direct TV Customer Service team. There are some awesome online help such as Upgrade Your DIRECTV System, Change or Add Programming, Billing – View and Pay Your Bill Online, Demos & How-To, Technical Help Forums, Troubleshooting, and System Manuals.

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These are some of the area covered by DirectTV customer Service:

  • Add additional programming.
  • Billing and pricing.
  • Change packages.
  • Business services.
  • Commercial packages.
  • Technical support includes wireless equipment and HD technology.

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DirecTV Customer Service Hot Line And Web Services

  • Technical support: +1 800-531-5000
  • Contact Us Page:
  • Customer & Technical Support Online:
  • Direct TV Deals:
  • Direct TV Customer on Support Packages:

For more information on Direct tv Customer Service | DirectTV Phone Number, use the comment section to contact us.

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13 thoughts on “Directv Customer Service | DirectTV Phone Number

  1. Brandon Robertson says:

    So if your dropping all these viacom channels does that mean our bills will lower? Can I get out of my contract?

    • You can check the conditions or contact the customer service via email or phone

      • Leroy says:

        How? I can’t find an email address for customer service.

        • Hi Leroy, please use the contact us form to reach Direct TV: or use the phone number shown on this post.

    • Ernest White says:

      Hell no.. This is LIFE.. They will always take all then can from you and give you less in return.. DUMP THEM

  2. TIM says:

    I have been with directv for 7 years. My rates went up $50.00 a month. I tried to negotiate with them to lower the bill, butI was told by 3 different rep’s they had nothing to offer me at this time. I like them , but $600 more a year will not work within my budget. Looking to cancel and try something new!

    • Tina McBride says:

      Same thing happened to me I went from $720 a year to almost $1300 without a notice how is that fair

  3. Maryanne says:

    I get my bill a few months ago and it went from 95 dollars to 101 and now I get my bill and it is 102 keeps going up and up
    I’ve been with you guys 8 years I think in September I will be trying someone else.

  4. Kim Sipe says:

    I recently cancelled my direct due to date increases and my playlist had not worked for a year. Switched back to Dish. Sent all my directv stuff back in the boxes they provided. Today I get a bill saying they never received it. They are going to charge me 248.00. Just another reason to get away from directv. They better not charge me for that equipment. Why would I not send it back?

  5. Laura Davis says:

    So sorry about DirectTV’s lack of customer service and now have cancelled.
    In November, we received a note alerting us to upgrade the box. We tried to initiate that and was told the $250.00 charge would be credited. The upgraded box never came. We called back and were told the charge would hit my credit card; however, when I reminded them they were going to credit that charge out, they would not commit to the credit – they had to ask the original customer service rep who wasn’t around. The supervisor did not have the authority to live up to their commitment – only the original rep could do that. I asked for that original rep to call me by last Friday noon eastern — you guessed it – never received a call. Today when I called back, Brad, the supervisor told me they can never call you back.

    Well, AT&T/ Direct TV, you lost my business. I told Brad to cancel my account altogether due to lack of customer commitment.

  6. Bonnie Goodman says:

    The decision for Direct TV/AT&T to drop Channel 13 Wham out of Rochester is the straw that broke the camels back. I don’t give a crap what you try to explain about the wholesaler/retailer thing. It all boils down to greed. You can bet I will be looking for a new supplier along with switching from AT&T to another phone provider. AT&T/Direct TV have terrible customer service. By saying customers can switch carriers to get the station only says you don’t give a damn about your customers. Bye Bye.

  7. Arlan Landey says:

    Today, my DirectTV started giving me a 771 signal that indicated that I wasn’t getting any response from the satellite. Going to the phone for assistance gets you the run around. Going online is even WORSE! How the hell do I get a technician over here to fix this thing before I pull it out of the ground and throw it in the Gulf of Mexico?????

    So I go to the customer service call center and there isn’t even a phone number listed!!! What is wrong with you people?? This is the most annoying company I’ve had to deal with in years!!!!

    Somebody had better get over here and fix this piece of junk!!!

  8. Brian Leidolph says:

    So we still are without being able to receive channel 4 WIVB in Buffalo NY. I spoke with a rep from Direct TV who stated no credits are being given until this is settled. But yet we are paying for something we are not getting. After speaking with a friend in the field of corp. law, this is in fact a breach of contract on the side of Direct TV. Also since it them breaching the contract with customers, customers do have the right to cancel the contract with no early termination fees. Direct TV has the responsibility to provide what customers are paying for. So get off your freaking high horse and settle for the customers, or lose millions when customers cancel their contracts.

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