PowerDirector Video Editor App Full Version for Android

PowerDirector Video Editor App Full Version for Android – Are you looking for the best video editor app for android and PC devices, then PowerDirector video editor app full version is here free of charge for you. Download PowerDirector video editor app for mobile to edit videos on your android phones.

I discovered PowerDirector video editor app when I wanted to edit a YouTube video with my android phone. Though was very stressful to get a good editing application like PowerDirector.

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The best Editing app for now, with free version is PowerDirector. Do you know with PowerDirector App, you can create powerful timeline video editing, free video effects, slow motion, reverse video & more.

Create great action movie effects & voice over to produce 4K movies and share them on social media networks like Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, etc, on PowerDirector Video Editor App Full Version for Android

On this article,  focus on how to download PowerDirector video edtor app full version.

If you have been trying to download the full version of PowerDriver App but failed, here is the simple step to download the App

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Features of PowerDirector Video Editor App

Let’s see the features of this app before you can proceed to download the video editor app.

  • Utilize the MultiCam Designer* to seamlessly edit footage from multiple cameras, simulating the use of a live camera switcher.
  • Take more creative control in the creation of theme template created videos in the Theme Designer*.
  • Use motion blur to create smoother movement on titles and PiP media, giving the movement a more natural and authentic look.
  • Unleash your PC’s speed with TrueVelocity™ 4*.
  • Improved round trip editing with AudioDirector*, ColorDirector*, and PhotoDirector*.
  • Import 2K* and 4K* Ultra HD video, and video or audio with up to 7.1 channels for editing.*
  • Enhanced PowerDirector Design Studio (PiP Designer, Particle Designer, Title Designer, Menu Designer), including improved chroma key, text kerning, and more.
  • Use the updated Content Aware Editing* tool that now more accurately finds the most exciting parts of your video clips.
  • Take advantage of the improved ripple editing feature, including the auto adding of transitions between timeline clips.
  • Transform the color and look of videos clips by applying ColorDirector color effects (presets) on them.
  • Copy and paste keyframe attributes (enhancements, video effects, and motion) from one media clip to another on the timeline.
  • Use editable transition effects that allow you to modify background color, effect direction, effect type, and more.
  • Produce only a selected range of your video production, outputting it as a separate video file.
  • Extract subtitles from Matroska (MKV)* video files and create subtitles for playback on MKV players.
  • Output video in one of many 2K* or 4K* Ultra HD formats.
  • Create and burn DVD discs with DTS 5.1ch audio.

Download PowerDirector Video Editor App Full Version

The updated version of PowerDirector video editor app is on Google Play. How to download the app on Play Store is very simple. Visit Google Play and type the app name on the search box. Search for it and tap on install once the app finished loading. Wait for few seconds to finish then tap on it to open.

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